Stronger together is an online training programme that will make you strong, fit and ready to take what life throws at you.

We are a team, and we are only as strong as our weakest link. Whatever your level you will find a welcoming, safe and inclusive environment to train. We lift each other up and do not judge others.

We train via zoom sessions and all weeks are structured and programmed by head coach Ben Wood to bring out the best in you. Each day focuses on a certain aspect of your fitness, Strength, Endurance or Mobility. 


Each week is pre programmed to make sure our training is meaningful. The week is structured so you can train, recover and improve.

We use zoom sessions to work out together and each member will have their own tailored programme running alongside the group practice.

Monday 0730 & 1800 - Strength work

Tuesday 0730 & 1800 - Mobility and Aerobic work


Wednesday 0730 & 1800 - Type II fun. 


Thursday 0730 & 1800 - Mobility and Aerobic work


Friday 0730 & 1800 - Strength work

Weekend - Endurance challenge



We use resistance in the form of weights, bands and body weight to build stronger muscles. Don't worry if you do not have any equipment you can see how to make everything you need to get started from household objects HERE. 

Otherwise we recommend having a resistance band or two, dumbbells and/or a kettlebell. See our video on home training kit HERE.


The class is split into two components. The first half is a twenty minute mobilisation session. Using exercises and movements that test and improve your range of movement and flexibility. Modern living unfortunately leads to many problem areas in the body that we adress here. The second half is made up of an aerobic session either performed via zoom with Ben or your free to lace up and get a run in outside. 


Type II fun is something that at the time was horrendous but after feels great. Don't be scared this isn't going to kill you, but this is the session that will test you mentally and build your will power. This tends to be peoples favourite session as it is served with a good dose of banter. 


Something to think about on the weekend. Weekly mini challenges to get in over the weekend. Not compulsory but there if you want it!