My next outing will be a half marathon on the South Downs this weekend. Its run by Maverick race and they are partnered up with the guys from Tribe nutrition who are doing great things at the moment.

I run a Tribe Tempo session once a month, its basically a run around shoreditch and some speed and conditioning drills. Tribe run one of these every week in various locations, definitely recommend getting involved.

I’m taking the warm up for the race as well. When I was asked to take a warm up I thought it was just for the Tribe tempo guys, no problem I said. Turns out its for the whole 500 people racing, headset on and up on a stage! I always cringe a little at the ‘group warm ups’ at races, so Im going to have to make sure I deliver a solid mobility and heart rate raising warm up. Slightly nervous but glad to be helping. Hope no one boo’s.

A good warm up should get blood into the working muscles, stretch tight muscles and loosen up joints and ligaments. One of the best ways to do this for running is by walking, jogging and then adding in some strides and skips. This will be hard to do when everyone is lined up at the start line so I will have to adapt. Running and skipping  on the spot, dynamic stretches, activating muscles by balancing on one leg and with some static stretches when warm. This can all help ward off injuries when trying to race on cold legs.

I’m hoping the Tribe camper van will be there (a thing of beauty) so I can grab some protein and energy bars.

I’m looking forward to the event and the race itself, I was quite ill last week but cant wait to lace up this weekend. Half marathon is tough distance as you feel you cant let your foot off the gas too much but it is long enough to really test your endurance.

The South Downs is a great playground and rain or shine I will be lucky to be there.

 See you on the start line.

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