The good and the bad, the importance of flexibility.

Last week I was ready to rock, I had a week off training and I was determined to hit the beach running on my training schedule to get me to my next race on Dec 3rd. My body had other ideas.

It wasn’t that my legs were weak, in the gym I felt strong, and the two (yes two) runs that I did embark on I felt great, for about three miles. Then I felt totally flat. It was as if my body just had nothing in the tank.

I managed two runs, a six miler on trails and another that I abandoned after five due to ‘feeling flat’.

So 11 miles in week one where I was hoping for 28. I see now that I was still recovering from my races two weeks before. And you know what that’s fine, I’m not going to beat a dead horse.

So week three rolled around and already I have nailed a 10.5 miler and a 12.5 miler, and it’s only Wednesday. The reason I found the time 1:40 and 1:59 to get these runs in is because I used them as commutes. The first one was a commute to work, the second a commute back. I feel like I have discovered the wholly Grail. I can commute to work and get a decent run in to boot.

As always I’m reminded that it’s always best to go slow on my longer runs, the first commute in was great and I managed to get some trails in along the way. Because I took it at a leisurely slog, I didn’t feel too tired when I arrived at the gym, indeed I was in the shower and then straight into a boxing session with my client.

The next day I got my strength session in, Deadlifts, clean and press, pull ups and press ups.

Then I commuted the opposite way, this run went off route slightly as I tried to take a short cut, ended up a little lost and started to hit a bit of a wall after an hour and a half. I jumped into a newsagent and after a whisper bar, packet of crisps and a ‘breakfast in a bottle’ I was back on my feet, I ended up home after 2 hours on my feet, good session.

The things I have been reminded of these last two weeks are flexibility and planning.

Flexibility as I had a bad week with family commitments, travel and feeling flat. Instead of killing myself I took my foot off the pedal. I am now feeling back on form, and have had a good week.

Planning as I managed to combine my long runs into my day by using them to commute, this actually felt great as I was going point to point, I had a reason to be running. (As if we need one!)

Feeling good, back on track and looking forward to December!

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