Last week was a funny one, started with a good 6 mile run in my local country park.

Tuesday I ran to work, eleven miles, felt strong.

Wednesday I did my gym work working on my legs and core with deadlifts and clean and press, along with press ups and pull ups.

Thursday I ran home from work, I got three miles and started to feel dizzy. I stopped and ate a packet of yogurt coated raisins I had in my bag. I then walked for five minutes before setting off running again, felt ok. Then seven miles in bang, I was dizzy again. I ate an energy gel and jogged on. This time I still felt awful a mile down the road. I knew I still had four miles to go with no tube station on the route.

I stopped got a cake from a bakery and got the tube the rest of the journey home. Fail.

The next day I went for an easy run with a friend of mine Adam. We pushed the pace, chatted had fun and ended up banging out seven miles at a decent speed, and finished strong. So what happened in the 24 hours between runs?

I believe it was down to nutrition, Thursday, I had a light lunch of soup and a bit of bread and humous, I didn’t prepare my energy reserves to run twelve miles home. After I had to get the tube back I made sure I ate ALOT.

The next day I was a different person.

I took Saturday off to rest up and Sunday I went to Wales. My brother is a keen mountain biker and we both drove to Afan forest and the bike center there.

I got a map of the local walking routes from a friendly old man at the center, and headed off trying to stay clear of any bikers hurtling down the steep slopes.

I managed 14 miles in two hours with over 2000 feet of elevation. It was so lovely being in the Welsh hills with just the sound of the wind in the trees and the odd wind turbine to keep me company.

When you have a race you are training for it is too easy to forget why you run. For me it is to get out into the wild places, to connect with nature and feel my body and senses delighting in the sights and sounds of nature.

I made sure I ate a good breakfast in the morning and took plenty of energy gels.

It it was a good end to my week.

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