My injury has seemed to have healed up nicely, I’m not getting any pain in my knee now, and am firmly back on track.

Actually I’m feeling better than ever, I’m putting in consistently good training sessions and my weekly miles are up. The reason for this is I recently signed up to an online running coach in Tom Payne.

I saw Tom on an Instagram feed where he ran in to take second place in the Hackney half marathon. He was waving and smiling as he ran and I went to his Instagram page to have a look. I saw he and his partner Rachel run an online running coaching service as well as running retreats. I chatted with Tom and signed up for two months online training to take me up to my ultra in July.

Its honestly the best thing I’ve done for my running, each week I have a day to day programme to follow, every day is varied and I am really getting pushed outside my comfort zone.

It’s a no brainier really. One of the best things about being coached is it makes me accountable to someone. I’m definitely doing more running than before but I don’t feel tired. The variety and easy days are making sure I still have enough energy to get up and run the next day. That’s not to say it’s easy, some days I look at my programme and shudder, but I’m loving the challenge.

Another boon to my running is having a training partner, a good friend of mine recently said he would love to join me for my speed and tempo sessions, he works next to the park I use and so we agreed to run together. It made a huge difference and I really believe I ran harder having someone on my shoulder, and vice versa.

So my two top tips are get yourself a coach and find a training partner. Of course joining a running club would solve both these problems, if I had a 9-5 job I’m sure I would!

The proof will be in the pudding of course but I’m quietly confident about my next ultra.

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