Today I had a little four mile run. The main aim was to test my left hamstring, it’s been a bit tight and a week ago I ran the Bristol half marathon that really aggravated it. I’ve been resting it all week. The Bristol half was a great event and a bit of a mile stone for me, the last time I ran it was 12 years ago, as a 26 yr old and getting round in 1:34. This time I ran it in 1:29. It’s only my third ever half marathon, and 1:29 is now my PB. I did my usual mistake of taking off too fast, I remember looking at my GPS and thinking, ‘WOW I feel great, at this pace I’m going to get round in no time!’ Sure enough by mile ten I wasn’t feeling ‘great’ , I really do have to work on my negative splits. So today I took off on a 4 mile run to test my left hamstring, it wasn’t bad but it’s still a little tight. I’m running THE ATLANTIC COAST on Friday. Three marathons in three days, all on trails, all along the coastal paths from Padstowe to Lands end. This will be one hell of a mental test, I know I can handle one day, but to get up and do it again and again, it will really test my mental resolve. Can’t wait. I think I’ll try to get a massage in before I leave. Will let you know how I get on. (In the event not the massage) BRING ON THE CHALLENGE!

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