Last week I had the flu. Well it was more a nasty cold, anyway I couldn’t train.

I rested up ate lots of good food and by the weekend I was over the worst of it. I managed a few sprints on the treadmill at work and a strength session. But I just didn’t have the energy to do any serious miles.

I was staying with family in Bristol at the weekend so I used this time to make use of the great running terrain in Bristol.

It always surprises me how your surroundings affect your running. I ran up and down a wooded valley ten times, totaling 15 miles on my run. If this had been a city road on a hill I’m sure I would have done half that! I felt great and I think a few days off my feet had a good effect on my legs. Felt really strong.

Unfortunately I undid all this hard work by having a few too many drinks with my brother Saturday night.

The next day I went off for a “guilt run” and managed ten miles, maybe more, my GPS ran out of battery. I was happy I managed to get out, my self loathing dropped slightly.

This week I’m back on track, I’m just running now until my race in Dec, gym work will take a back seat, although I will still do a bit of stretching and core work.

If your feeling ill, take a few days off, it might seem sacrilege but it won’t hurt you, you may actually be better for the rest.

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