So I have 8 weeks until my next race Endurolife coastal trail series on Dec 3rd. It is a 33 mile trail run along coastal paths, not unlike my last race.

It has been less than 2 weeks since I finished my Atlantic Coast challenge, (see previous blog), and I don’t want to rush into lots of mileage or high intensity runs too soon as my glutes are still pretty stiff.

So I have come up with an 8 week plan to get me to the start line.

The first week has been rest, no running at all, I completed two gym sessions, just for my mental health really.

The following weeks look like this.

Running focus/gym work/weekend trail run

Week 1- rest.

Week 2- easy runs/strength/8 miler

Week 3- long easy runs/strength/10 miler

Week 4- long easy runs/strength/back to back 15/15 miler

Week 5- tempo/hill runs/core work/12 miler

week 6- tempo/hill runs/core work/20-25 miler

week 7- tempo/hill runs/core work/10 miler

week 8- taper/compete/33 miler

I’m hoping this will give my body time to recover but not get out of shape, the first four weeks I will be doing some lifting in the gym to build strength in my legs as I feel they need a break from high intensity running, after this I will switch back to tempo and hill runs to get the specific running strength in my legs, my gym work will switch to core and mobility work.

This is is a fluid plan and I will be planning my weekly schedule as I go, depending on energy levels, how my legs feel etc. As far as weekly mileage goes I will be looking at starting week 2 at 28 miles and progressing to 50+ miles come week 6.

Im hoping this will get me to the start line fresh, motivated and ready to go!

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