So I’m now a week away from race day in Dorset on Sat.

I’ve managed to talk my father into being my crew for the day, so I now have a driver and some one to look after my energy gels!

My training has gone well, I don’t run a huge amount of miles, I always er on the side of caution, after long runs I do feel my knees aching sometimes. I’m fairly new to running long distances on a regular basis so I’m happy to keep the mileage down and my spirits up. This doesn’t mean I don’t train every day, but I just swap a couple of runs for gym work each week, my legs feel strong and I’m ready.

I had a great run in Bath on the Cotswold way the other weekend. I was staying with a friend and I went off for a run in the hills. It was in the middle of storm Angus and after ten minutes I was soaked to the skin, freezing and getting a gale thrown at me, this only added to my enjoyment. I guess you have to be a certain type of individual to enjoy ultra running, for me the discomfort only adds to my sense of achievement, if it was easy everyone would do it right? Anyway after 12 miles and 1000 feet of elevation I felt I had earned my lunch.

The race has 5000 feet elevation. I’m under no illusions that this is going to be tough. TOUGH. I also got a good hill repeat session in too.

That was the weekend before last, the weekend just gone I was home in London. I’m tapering now and saving my energy for the big day.

I wanted to get a hill session in on Saturday but was working in the gym in central London. So I ran up and down the fire escape of the building 25 times, 1925 steps. Then had a great gym session after, felt my calves had a good workout!

Sunday I ran 7.5 miles trails in the country park near me, and yesterday I ran 4.5 in freezing sunshine. To be honest I may have a small run on Wednesday if I feel I need it, but I’m done. I’m not in the habit of running every day in the last week, I’m not going to get any fitter in the next four days, time to rest.

This will be the first race running for my team at Albion running. 

Dave Urwin who heads up Albion brought me on board after I came second at his Mendip marauder 30 miler back in the summer.

It’s exciting and very flattering to be asked to run for someone and hopefully I can back up my early success, only time will tell but in the mean time I will keep training and keep racing, and most importantly KEEP ENJOYING IT!

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